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1. Adjusting dress, skirt, pant, and jean hems

Shorter or longer, we’ll create the perfect hem. There are numerous hem options to choose from. Stop by a Stitch It location today and learn what works best for your garment!

The Eurohem

    • You don’t have to give up the great stitching and distressed detail on the hem of your favourite jeans.
    •  With the Eurohem we can shorten your pants and reattach the original hem.
    • The Eurohem is the best way to preserve the look of designer jeans. The next time your designer jeans need a hemming, ask about the Eurohem.

The Reversible Hem

    • This is the hem you need for all your reversible garments such as yoga pants or other exercise wear. This alteration is only available in select stores, so make sure to call ahead and see what locations near you offer the reversible hem!

The Growth Hem

    • Children outgrow their clothing quickly. Get more mileage out of those clothes with the growth hem, which allows for up three inches of growth.
    • The growth hem is ideal for school khakis and dress pants. Check out our list of school uniform alterations.

2. Jacket alterations, including adjusting sleeve length

3. Waist alterations, such as taking in or letting out waists on skirts and pants

4. Coat repairs and alterations

    • We can replace missing buttons and broken zippers.
    • We can also adjust sleeve length and waist size.

5. Other pants alterations, including tapering and zipper and button replacements

    • Did your zipper break? Don’t throw away those pants or jeans. We can replace zippers and sliders.

6. Mending rips and tears and applying patches

Don’t wait any longer for a great fit. Find a Stitch It location near you today!

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