How long will my alteration take?

More complicated items such as gowns or suits will need more time to complete and may need additional fittings. Items such as pant/jean hemming can be completed right away, same day, or next day. We understand that sometime you need your alterations right away so we offer SAME DAY service for an extra 15%.

What is the difference between a Single Stitch Hem, an Invisible Hem, and an Original Hem/Eurohem?

A Single stitch Hem is used on Jeans or cotton casual pants and you can see the line of stitching along the bottom – We always match the thread to the original colour. An Invisible Hem is used on Dress Pants and does not show any stitching on the outside An Original Hem or Eurohem – is when we remove the actual bottom of the pants and reattach it at the proper length so you can keep any special stitching or details at the bottom of the pants. – We highly recommend this look for any denim pants.

What hours are you open?

Please visit our Store Locator page to view the hours of operation for all of our store.

Are the alterations done on the premises?

Yes, all of our alterations are done on the premises. However, dry cleaning is done off-site.

Do I need an appointment to get my clothing altered?

No, but if you require a more complicated alteration or specialty item alteration, it is advised you call ahead and ensure a fit expert is scheduled for your arrival.

Should my garments be washed before bringing into Stitch It for alterations?

Stitch It maintains a strict health and safety policy and will only work on new or clean, freshly laundered items. In the case of items that are 100% cotton, it is recommended you put them through the regular washing and drying cycle, so that the shrinking occurs prior to alterations.

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is offered at select Stitch It locations. To see which locations, please visit the Dry Cleaning section of our website.

How much do you charge?

We have many pricing options available based of the type of alteration needed. We have found that in most cases that either what our customers need may be different once we see the actual garments and/or our experts can provide several options/price ranges once they physically see the garment & complexities.

What do I do if I picked up my items and they are wrong?

We have a generous 30 Day Guarantee that states that if you are unsatisfied with the fit of your garment, we will redo it at no charge. If we cannot fix the item, we will buy it back. See our Customer Service policies page for more information on our 30 Day Guarantee.

Do you replace buttons?

We do, however we do not stock buttons in house. Bring us the the garment with the button of choice and we will sew it on for you. We do replace jean buttons and have 2 colours in stock to choose from.

Can you take my pullover sweater and add a full length zipper to the front so I can wear it as an open sweater?

Yes we can.

The fur on my jacket hood is damaged. Can you fix it?

We can't fix damaged fur but we can definitely remove the old fur and replace it with the new fur you supply.

Can you patch a hole in my garment?

If it is a split seam then we can repair almost invisibly. if it is a hole in the middle of the fabric then it would require a patch or mending. This will not be an invisible repair. Our team of associates will explain the best options prior to doing the work.

Do you make curtains?

No we do not, however we can shorten them to length for you. Please print and fill out the form and bring it in to the store when dropping off the curtains.

I don't like the hood on my jacket. Can you remove it?

Yes, we can. We can remove it and leave a small stand collar for you so you can zip up on those chilly days.

What does Stitch It's quality guarantee cover?

At Stitch It we have an unmatched 30 Day Quality Guarantee. If our customers are not satisfied with the quality, we will redo the work for you again at no extra charge. For garments that cannot be fixed, Stitch It will reimbursed you which includes refunding the alteration charge and buyback the garment as stated in our policy guidelines.

I lost my receipt, can I still pick up my order?

Yes, you can still pick up your order as we can always look up a customer invoice and reprint the receipt. To pick up an item without a receipt, we will require your phone number and name on account. We will require signature at pick up if invoice is not present

When can I redeem my Needle Points?

Our rewards program is straightforward: every $1 spent on products or services in our store earns you 1 point. At every 20 point ($20) increment, you automatically receive a $1 coupon good for up to 90 days at any Stitch It store; these points are redeemed as soon as you hit the mark, but they also add up for higher increments - 40 points for $2 off, 60 points for $3 off, and so on.

Can I send someone else to pick up my order?

Yes, you can do this as long as they can provide a copy of your invoice. We will require signature at pick up if invoice is not present

Will my item be bought back if I cannot find the original receipt?

For pre-worn garments, the garment will be bought back at 5x the alteration charge. 5x alteration charge not to exceed value of garment. Only valid for alteration pertaining to damaged garment. Please see our customer service policies for details.
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