An example of pant alterations that Stitch It offers. Services such as button replacements, crotch adjustments, pant tapers, and pant hems are available.

What We Can Do For You!

Unfortunately, oftentimes when pants are purchased, they do not fit well directly off the rack. In order to get the most out of your pants, they need to fit perfectly to your body and your needs. At Stitch It, we can make sure all of your pants fit just the way you want them to. Below is a list of alterations that we can do for you!

Adjust Waist

We can adjust the waist of the pants to either reduce the amount of space, or let out the pants to increase the space.

Adjust Crotch

Sometimes the crotch area can be uncomfortable in a pair of pants due to there being too little or too much space. We can shorten or lengthen this area to make it more comfortable.

Replace Buttons

Perhaps you’ve lost the button on the waist of your pants and are unable to replace it yourself. We are more than happy to replace this button to get your pants back in action.

Fix/Replace Zipper

In a similar vein, if the zipper on your pants needs to be fixed or replaced outright, we can make it happen quickly & easily.

Hem Pants

Perhaps the most popular pant alteration, if you love the look of your pants but need them to fit your leg, a pant hem is the way to go. With options such as the Eurohem, reversible hem, and growth hem, we’re confident that there’s a pant hem that will have you looking your best.

Take In Legs

Taking in the legs of pants will help create a slimmer fit to the pants and will be able to accentuate your legs more.

Taper Leg Opening

A pant taper gradually narrows the pants towards the ankle. The purpose of the taper is to bring in the leg for a shape that feels loose and comfy on top, but still looks clean and sharp due to the alteration.

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