An example of formalwear alterations that men & women can get at Stitch It locations. For women that includes: adjust straps, take in sides/waist/shorten or lengthen dress. For the men that includes: shoulder adjustment, sleeve shorten, pant taper, pant hem.

What We Can Do For You!

Every detail counts; looking and feeling your best is key to making cherished memories.

If you have any formalwear you need taken care of, we’re here to help! Our talented team of seamstresses and tailors are ready to make you fit, feel, and look great!

The Perfect Look On Your Big Day

To make sure you look perfect on your big day, turn to us for formalwear alterations and custom fittings. We provide alteration services for everyone – wedding gown alterations for the bride, suit alterations for grooms and best men, as well as flower girl, bridesmaid, and prom dress alterations! We even handle accessories and custom details such as beading and veils.

How To Prepare For Fittings

Stitch It locations can be found in shopping malls across Canada. You can find your local Stitch It location with our online locator! Make sure you bring everything you plan to wear on the big day when you come to us: gown/suit, shoes, and accessories. This lets us handle all the details of making a proper fit and length for your gown to fully realize your wedding day look. If you don’t have the perfect shoes in mind yet, any other shoe similar in height will work to ensure your formalwear isn’t too long.

Prom or Graduation Alterations

Teens and young adults will want a fantastic dress or suit for their upcoming prom or graduation ceremony – and buying one off the rack isn’t quite enough. Custom prom dress or suit alterations not only make sure the dress or suit fits just right, they can also add a unique elegance and flair to let you stand out!

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