Needle POINTS Terms & Conditions

Good news for dedicated customers: with Needle POINTS, you can earn reward points with every purchase of our services and products and put those towards future savings with us. If you frequently come to us for alterations, fittings and other clothing needs, then you owe it to yourself to make use of this free, cardless program!

How To Sign Up

Needle POINTS is free and open for any individual customer (i.e. not employees or business representatives) to sign up, and doing so on your next visit is simple. Speak with an associate in any Stitch It store to begin; you’ll give them your first and last name, phone number, and email address. They can then create your Needle POINTS account.

The information collected from registrants for this program is completely secure; we will never sell anything you give us to third parties, because trust is vital to our relationship with customers. However, we ask that you make sure the information you give us at registration is valid. A fake email address or phone number will result in deletion of the account and loss of all points earned.

How Needle POINTS Works

Our rewards program is straightforward: every $1 spent on products or services in our store earns you 1 point. At every 20 point ($20) increment, you automatically receive a $1 coupon good for up to 90 days at any Stitch It store; these points are redeemed as soon as you hit the mark, but they also add up for higher increments – 40 points for $2 off, 60 points for $3, and so on. If you use multiple store locations, you’ll have accounts at each.

Terms & Conditions

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