Why Choose Stitch It?

Many Stitch It associates smiling for a picture. There is text overtop of the image that reads: "WHY CHOOSE STITCH IT AS YOUR #1 CLOTHING ALTERATIONS DESTINATION"

We Offer A Wide Variety of Quality Services

An example of pant alterations that Stitch It offers. Services such as button replacements, crotch adjustments, pant tapers, and pant hems are available.

Pant Alterations

Unfortunately, oftentimes when pants are purchased, they do not fit well directly off the rack. In order to get the most out of your pants, they need to fit perfectly to your body and your needs. At Stitch It, we can make sure all of your pants fit just the way you want them to.

An example of formalwear alterations that men & women can get at Stitch It locations. For women that includes: adjust straps, take in sides/waist/shorten or lengthen dress. For the men that includes: shoulder adjustment, sleeve shorten, pant taper, pant hem.

Formalwear Alterations

Every detail counts; looking and feeling your best is key to making cherished memories. If you have any formalwear you need taken care of, we’re here to help! Our talented team of seamstresses and tailors are ready to make you fit, feel, and look great!

An image that features two women smiling next to each other. Next to these women is a series of clothing restyling options that include: "Repair damage", "Shorten skirt", "Waist adjustment", and "Pant shorten"

Clothing Restyling and Resizing

The solution to clothing that doesn’t fit or isn’t worn is often resizing! We specialize in fitting your clothing to your current shape and size. If you’ve gained or lost some weight, we can save you from having to purchase a new wardrobe! We’ll do complete suit, shirt, or pant alterations to keep you comfortable.

A picture of hanging curtains. At the bottom of the curtains are dotted lines leading to words that say "shorten curtains".

Household Alterations

At Stitch It, we’re able to do alterations on a number of household items! Household alterations can be just as important as clothing alterations. Whether it be curtains you love, or repairing a blanket that means the world to you, we take alterations on household items just as seriously as we take clothing alterations.

An example of wedding dress alterations. The alterations highlighted in the image are "take in waist", "adjust sleeve length", and "adjust train length."

Wedding Dress Alterations

Turn to us on your big day for all of your wedding dress alterations! Our Fit Experts can get you prepared for your wedding and give you one fewer thing to stress about. We even handle accessories and custom details such as beading and veils!

A photo of a woman wearing a shirt with multiple stains on it. On this image are circles pointing out where the different stains are.

Dry Cleaning

Since 1989, you’ve relied on our personalized, friendly and accurate alteration services, but we heard you when you said you wanted more. Now we are offering dry cleaning laundry services. We deliver these services with the same professionalism as you have come accustom to. Our work is carefully done to ensure your complete satisfaction.

With all of these services and more, Stitch It is your one-stop shop for all of your clothing alterations and dry cleaning service needs! These services aren’t the only reason to choose Stitch It, though. Below are even more reasons to turn to Stitch It for your clothing alterations and dry cleaning.

Convenient Locations and Turnaround Time

We have over 50 Stitch It locations from coast to coast across Canada to make sure we’re easily accessible to everyone! With locations in just about every major mall in Canada, Stitch It is always nearby. In addition, we offer quick turnaround times with right away alterations, same day alterations, and next day alterations available to you with no appointment necessary!

Our 30 Day Fit Guarantee

Our 30 Day Guarantee is what separates us from the competition! We care greatly about the quality of alterations that we provide, and if we make an error, we’ll make things right. If possible, at no cost to you, we’ll immediately fix the alteration. In the event that we are unable to fix the alteration, we’ll reimburse the amount you paid for the garment if you have the original receipt; or we’ll reimburse you for the garment at a fair and mutually-agreed upon amount. Learn more about our 30 Day Guarantee.

Years of Trusted Experience

Our talented team of Fit Experts are what make Stitch It the well-respected and great company that it is. Since Stitch It’s humble beginnings, it’s been our Fit Experts that have been providing you with the quality service that can only be achieved through years of experience in the alterations industry. With a team that is continually providing each other with tips and ideas to improve their work, our workmanship and quality provided by our Fit Experts only continues to be greater!

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