The Benefits of Shopping Secondhand

Buying new clothing and trying to keep up with trends can be expensive! It’s no secret that because of this, many people have been turning to thrifting and shopping secondhand to get the latest piece of their wardrobe. That’s not a bad thing, however! There are many benefits to shopping secondhand, and in this article, we’re going to go over just a few of those benefits and how Stitch It can help you achieve your fashion goals through secondhand shopping!

Why You Should Shop Secondhand

One of the biggest reasons for shopping secondhand would be the amount of money that it saves. When you buy secondhand clothing, you’re never paying full price meaning that when you find high-quality clothing from big brand names, you’re getting them at a discount.

Positive Impacts On the Environment

Another reason for shopping secondhand would be for it’s positive environmental impact. We’ve all heard the term “fast fashion”, and it may be important to consider shopping secondhand clothing as “slow fashion” as it can slow down how many new garments are made while promoting sustainable fashion. Clothing waste is one of the biggest problems in the fashion world, and by being a frequent secondhand shopper, you can do your part to help slow down the problem of clothing waste and its harmful effects.

Creating Your Own Unique Style

You may think that because you’re buying clothing secondhand that you’re wearing someone else’s clothes, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Buying secondhand is actually a great opportunity to create your own unique style by adapting the clothing to not only fit you, but also to give them a new look that’s different than how bought them. Consider a pair of jeans that are “new to you”, you may consider getting those jeans tailored to you as well as adding a cuff for some additional style, thus turning those old jeans into something completely new & unique to you!

How Stitch It Helps Accomplish This

At Stitch It, we make it fit! With any garment that you buy secondhand, you can feel confident knowing that one of Stitch It’s many talented Fit Experts can help turn that thrift store find into a staple of your wardrobe. We do this by not only fitting it to you, but by repairing anything that needs replacing like zippers or buttons, or even adding patches to jackets and pants that may need them. If you have a specific vision for your clothing, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make that vision become a reality!

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