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Customer satisfaction is our most important goal. Every effort will be made to rectify all reasonable issues for Stitch It customers.​

We exercise the utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us, nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weakness or defects in material that are not readily apparent prior to processing. This applies particularly, but not exclusively to, suede, leather, silk, satin, double-faced fabric, vinyl, & polyurethane. Responsibility is also disclaimed for specialty trimmings, buckles, beads, buttons, bells and sequins.

The following represents our policy as it relates to Dry Cleaning.

  1. 30 Day Quality Guarantee applies to issues brought to our attention within 30 days of Promised Pick Up Date.​
  2. All garments’ pockets must be emptied before handing over for dry cleaning​.
  3. Any pre-existing damage including stains, holes, rips, missing beading, thread pulls, etc. must be noted on customer receipt. Stitch It can fix the damage at extra charge before sending garment for dry cleaning. If customer declines repairs, Stitch It will not be responsible if the damage increases after dry-cleaning.​
  4. Waivers will be required for items that Stitch It considers high risk​.
  5. Stain removal cannot be 100% guaranteed, If stain persists, we will re-clean once for free, however damage or discoloration from multiple recleaning or removal of stain will not be reason for refund or buyback.​
  6. Reimbursement: Reimbursement will be offered for lost or damaged items as follows:​
    • For Missing garments:
      • We require 30 days from day of promised pick up date to attempt to find garments before taking next steps​.
      • If garment is determined to be lost, buyback shall be limited to 10 times the charge for dry cleaning (invoice amount minus tax) regardless of brand, price, or condition of the garment. 
      • Reimbursement cheques will only be made payable to the name on the original Stitch It receipt.
    • For Damaged garments:​
      • Resolution may take up to 30 days to determine cause of damage​.
      • Buyback will be offered if the garment cannot be fixed by Stitch It, it has not been taken out of the Stitch It store and still has dry cleaning tags intact.​
      • Buyback shall be limited to 10 times the charge for dry cleaning (invoice amount minus tax) regardless of brand, price, or condition of the garment. ​
      • Buyback items will be considered to be Stitch It property and will not be returned to customer.
      • If the damaged item is part of a collection or grouping or suit, only the damaged item will be bought back.
  7. Garment not completed by Promised Date and time will be refunded for dry cleaning cost if we did not give notification of delay however no buybacks/ reimbursements will be available​.
  8. Customers are responsible for checking their order before leaving the store to ensure all items are present​.
  9. Stitch It will hold garments for 90 days after pick up date. Stitch It will attempt to call the number on the invoice 3 times, after which the garment will be donated if there is no response.

If you have any questions please contact or 1-866-334-4440 

Policies are subject to change without notice.

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