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Prepaid Services

  1. All services are to be paid for prior to services being rendered.

For Pick Up

  1. We proudly show the quality of our work and ask you to verify items before leaving the store.​
  2. We require invoice/e-mail for proof of pick up. If neither are available, customer can show ID and sign for garment.​
  3. Stitch It will hold garments for 90 days after pick up date. We will make attempt to call the number on invoice 3 times, after which the garment will be donated if there is no response..

For Alterations:

  1. Stitch It will not be responsible for alterations performed against the advice of the Fit expert’s suggestions or if proper undergarments and shoes were not worn at the time of fitting.​
  2. Redo: Alterations fitted by a Stitch It Fit Expert will be done at no charge. If original alteration was done at customer’s request or if measurements were not taken by Stitch It fit expert, additional charges may apply.​
  3. Buyback: Alterations that cannot be fixed will be bought back with copy of original receipt.​
  4. New Garments​
    • Stitch It will reimburse the value stated on the original receipt and retain the garment. If original receipt is not available, the customer is responsible to prove price paid. Debit/credit statement is also acceptable. If not available, Stitch It’s discretion is final.​
  5. Pre-Worn Garments​
    • The damaged garment will be bought back at 5 times it’s alteration charges (excluding tax) provided amount does not exceed the value of the garment.​
  6. Refund or buyback will not be offered for delayed delivery.
  7. If the damaged item is part of a collection or grouping or suit, only the damaged item will be bought back.

Refunds/Buy Backs

  1. Refunds: All refunds cash or credit up to $75.00 can be issued by our Associates. Amounts greater than $75 will need to be processed by the Manager. ​
  2. Buybacks: All buybacks will be processed by the manager. Head Office will send cheque by mail within 7-10 business days of receiving the request.
  3. Buyback cheques will only be made payable to the name on the original Stitch It invoice.

For Products

  1. All unwanted products must be returned unused, unopened with original receipt within 30 days for full refund.​
  2. Defective products must be returned within 30 days with original receipt for full refund after Stitch It Associate verifies defect.​
  3. For hygiene purposes all undergarments are final sale and cannot be tried in store or returned.​
  4. All Clearance items are final sale and cannot be returned.

Health & Safety regulations – Alterations will only be performed on new / laundered / dry-cleaned garments

Policies are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions please contact or 1-866-334-4440 

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