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Top 10 Alterations under $20

Top 10 Alterations under $20

Top 10 Alterations under $20

Cheap Fixes For Your Garment Woes

At Stitch It, we pride ourselves on offering you affordable alterations that make your clothes look amazing. Many of our services are available for under $20. This includes pants alterations, such as patches. We also do jeans alterations, such as hemming, and dress alterations, such as shortening straps. Contact us now to learn more about what alteration services we offer.

Top 10 Alterations

Note: All Taxes Extra

Patches & mending Starting at … $5.00
Steam or press garments Starting at … $5.00
Supercrease Starting at … $9.00
Close front pockets Starting at … $10.00
Jean hem Starting at … $11.00
Plain hem Starting at … $11.00
Shorten straps on shirts & dresses Starting at … $12.00
Darts on dresses & shirts Starting at … $15.00
Euro hem Starting at … $17.00
Pant/ Skirt zipper replacement Starting at … $17.00

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