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Body Measurements

Body Measurements

Body Measurements

We are pleased to offer bridal and bridesmaid dress measurements, custom suit measurements, and uniform measurements. As online shopping has become more popular, we’ve added basic fit measurements for online shopping purchases. If you want to purchase clothing online, you need to know where to get measurements taken.

It’s hard to be sure of sizes when you’re eyeing a dress or blazer on the computer. Trust us to help you take accurate body measurements. We have the second pair of hands and expertise necessary to ensure the right numbers that lead to a well-fitting garment.

Measuring Services

  • Custom Suit Measurements
  • Bridal & Bridesmaid  dress measurements
  • Online shopping basic fit measurements
  • Uniform measurements

To make this process even easier, we’ve created a female and male measurement chart. Download the appropriate chart and bring it in with you for accurate measuring.

Female Measurement Chart 2015

Male Measurement Chart 2015

Find a Stitch It location near you and ask about our measuring services today!

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