How to return Back to School during Covid-19

This year the start of school comes with a new set of challenges that parents and kids must face. On top of the regular tasks of buying school supplies, and new clothing or uniforms this year parents also have to make sure their children have fabric face masks. With so many different types of mask it is hard to know what to look for, but as long as a mask is easy for a child to put on by themselves while still being a secure and comfortable fit it will do the job.

Although it won’t be a “normal” return to school we have three suggestions to make going back to school with a face mask easier

  1. Label your kid’s masks so they don’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. Better yet, come up with a way for your child to identify their own masks to help prevent mix ups.
  2. Start having kids practice wearing a mask for long periods of time, this way wearing a mask at school won’t be an unfamiliar feeling.
  3. Send more masks than what they need for the day. You know your child better than anyone but there is a good chance a mask is going to get lost, wet, or dirty during the day.

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