Are you ready to feel amazing this prom season?

Formal season is here. Need alterations for that perfect fit?

Are you ready to feel amazing this prom season? Come into Stitch It for all your formal alterations needs. Our services include: shortening shoulder strap, taking in/out top or waist line, dress and pant hemming, lengthening/shortening sleeves, and more!

Our Services Include:

Shortening shoulder strap

Take in/out inside bra pad

Take in/out top/waist line

Dress hemming

Pant hemming

Lengthen/shorten sleeves

… and much more!

Many Stitch It associates smiling for a picture. There is text overtop of the image that reads: "WHY CHOOSE STITCH IT AS YOUR #1 CLOTHING ALTERATIONS DESTINATION"
Why Choose Stitch It?

We Offer A Wide Variety of Quality Services Pant Alterations Unfortunately, oftentimes when pants are purchased, they do not fit…

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