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If you have a piece of clothing you don’t wear because it doesn’t fit, we’re going to inspire you this morning to change that, with fashion expert Natalie Sexton.



  1. I use the StitchIT Location in St. Cloud Minnesota. Though located in our large mall, the service and personnel treat you like a small town personalized tailor shop would. And most importantly their work is always done on-time and to the exact specification, which they take great care in establishing before you leave your garments. A great location with a great team and manager.
  2. I must say that Stitch It in fairway mall. They are the best at what they do. They take the time to listen to there customers and go above and beyond what they are ask to do. I love the work the did to my uniforms and how they are great. Thank you Stitch It.
  3. I usually go to Stitch It in Fairview Mall. They are super nice and very friendly. I dealt with Angel. she is very approachable and nice. she took care of my daughter's dress, was a fancy dress. We were worried but she assured us that it will be perfect for her. The dress was ready on time and beyond what we expected. I definitely will go back to this store. Thank you Sich It and special thanks to Angel.

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