How to Use a Steamer to Keep From Sneezing This Spring

How to Use a Steamer to Keep From Sneezing This Spring

How to Use a Steamer to Keep From Sneezing This Spring

As the weather starts to warm up in Spring, you might be dreading the allergies that might follow. Sneezing, coughing and having a runny nose can keep you cooped up inside to escape allergens, but even more of those allergens can be lurking inside your home. We here at Stitch It can help you out by recommending a steamer.

Spring Cleaning

Take spring cleaning to heart this year and head spring sneezing off at the pass. While you’re giving your home a deep cleaning, you’ll want to pay especially close attention to your carpets, blinds, drapes, furniture, mattress and anything else in your home that can attract or retain dust. It’s these items that are likely to trigger your allergies, which is why you should look for the best steam cleaner to disinfect and clean them.

Why Steam Is So EffectiveFabric Steamer

You might be wondering just what it is about steam that makes it so effective in keeping in-house allergens to a minimum. The secret is that steam attacks mold, dirt, germs, bacteria and much more. In fact, steam has been shown to be even more effective than common disinfecting chemicals, which you likely commonly rely on to get your home spic and span.

Protect Yourself

As you’re taking care of deep cleaning your home, be sure you wear gloves and a mask. This is because you’re likely to kick up a lot of dust, dander and other common irritants that can send your allergies into overdrive and trigger the very sneezing you seek to prevent. You might feel a bit silly going to such lengths to clean your own home, but consider the alternative of spending time nursing red eyes, a runny nose and congestion when you’d rather be doing something else.

Pay Extra Close Attention to Your Mattress

While you’re steam cleaning your home, you’ll want to be especially diligent when it comes to the mattress of your bed. This is because bedding is a haven for human skin scales and dust mites. With as much time as you spend in your bed, you want to take every step to ensure you’re breathing fresh air while you sleep. Otherwise, you might wake up feeling congested and wonder why.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Be sure you adhere to common advice regarding keeping pollutants in your house to a minimum. Specifically, keep windows closed against pollen, have everyone take their shoes off before entering the house and taking a shower when you get home and have been out in pollen.

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