Tailoring Your Pants Gives You an Edge

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Tailoring Your Pants Gives You an Edge

If custom tailored clothes aren’t in your budget, then you may think you have no other option than to purchase items off the rack and hope for the best. Instead of wearing clothes that aren’t comfortable because they fit incorrectly or looking unprofessional in clothes that are too big, take your clothes to a local tailor for a better fit. Pants alterations are one of the easiest and most affordable fixes you can make to look stylish and polished.

Types of Tailoring for Pants

  1. Shorten or lengthen the inseam

Some brands of trousers actually come with an unfinished hem, to allow you or your tailor to decide the optimal pant length for your style. Don’t cuff your pants. Get pants tailoring to make your style uniquely yours.

  1. Take the waist in or out

Whether your pants are too big or too small, a tailor can make your trousers have a comfortable fit. Typically, you won’t pay more than about $30 for this service, which means your clothes get a longer life in your closet. When getting waistband alterations, ask your tailor about changes to the seat of the pants to ensure a slimmer fit.

  1. Adjust the crotch of your pants

Find the right balance of roomy, but not too roomy, when you talk to your tailor about pants tailoring. This is another fix that shouldn’t be too expensive but give you more confidence because your clothes fit well.

  1. Add suspenders

Clip-on suspenders might be okay for a casual look, but for a stylish and professional look, you may want to add suspender buttons on the inside of the waistband. Suspenders help you look leaner and elongated, making them a great style choice in today’s fashion world. Take your suspenders with you to your tailor to make sure the buttons are placed correctly.

  1. Tapered pant leg

Skinny jeans are popular because they make you look slimmer. Your tailor can taper the pant leg of your trousers for the same style appearance when you’re in a suit.

  1. Basic repairs

Your tailor can replace a zipper, hook and eye or buttons and make other repairs to your pants to keep a good pair from ending up in a landfill or from collecting dust in your closet. Your tailor may also be able to adapt parts of your clothes for easier dressing , like Velcro fasteners for someone who has arthritis.

  1. Add belt loops

To add new belt loops to a pair of trousers, your tailor will need material to work with, but it’s completely doable. If you’re adding belt loops to replace old ones that have worn, you may want to consider suspender buttons, because it will be less costly.

More Difficult Alterations

Although these alterations are a bit more difficult, the best tailors will be able to perform them. You may want to consider the cost before deciding to alter your trousers. It might be worth it when you have an expensive item or one with sentimental value, but only you can make that assessment.

  1. Lowering a high waistband

This pants alteration requires a lot of work, because the waistband has to opened, the belt loops have to be unpicked and even the pockets may need to be adjusted. However, the end result can be quite rewarding.

  1. Remove pleats

If you’re thinking of converting pleated pants to flat front trousers, the tailor will have a good amount of work to do. Many seams have to be taken out and reworked to be flattering to your body. But it can update an old pair of pants that is in good condition.

  1. Reducing pants size

If you’ve lost a lot of weight, you may find it more affordable to buy new pants than to have your older ones tailored, but it is possible. The tailor has to tear the pants apart and take out the extra fabric before resewing the pants back together. If you’re just going down one size, it may not be as expensive as dropping two or three sizes. However, if you have a special tux or outfit that you just can’t bear to part with, resizing is a good option.

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