Short Men Benefit From Tailoring

Short Men Tailoring

Short Men Benefit From Tailoring

Mark Twain reportedly said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little to no influence on society.” You can laugh at the sentiment, but well-fitted clothes really make a man stand out. When your shirts, pants and suits are tailored to fit, you look professional, polished and sharp. Your tailor will have the best tailoring tips for your body, but here are some things to consider when bringing short men clothes for alterations.

The Two Most Important Areas for Suit Tailoring

Although having a suit custom cut to your specifications may be out of your budget, you can ask your tailor for short men alterations that will make it appear as if an off-the-rack suit was made just for you. Oversized clothing is unflattering and makes you appear smaller than you are. Make sure your suit fits your shoulders when you purchase it. Your tailor can shorten sleeves, adjust the length and replace buttons much easier than adjusting the width of the shoulders too much.

The second most important area to tailor is your trousers. Wearing well-fit trousers will make you look taller because the silhouette is elongated. Short men often need alternations to the hem, waist or zipper to complete the look

How Should Your Pants Fit?

The length of your trousers is probably one of the most important elements of a well-fit suit. Shorter men can appear taller when the pant length fits correctly rather than wearing cuffs. Ask your tailor to use a slim taper in the pantleg and have the length only kiss the top of your lace ups..

Do You Really Need a Waistcoat?

Waistcoats are a type of vest. When worn with a suit, the style can be extremely formal, but waistcoats don’t have to be worn as part of a three-piece set. Wearing one with jeans or khakis gives a more polished look. The most important thing about wearing a waistcoat is to make sure it fits right. If it’s too small, you may feel as if you’re wearing a corset. Too large and your chest looks like a balloon.

A well-fitted waistcoat slims your build and gives you a tidy look. Always tuck your shirt in when you’re wearing a waistcoat. Have it tailored to avoid any shirt showing between the pants and the vest. By maintaining a solid color from torso to shoes, you look taller.

Manage Your Accessories Wisely

Shorter men can deliver a polished look by paying attention to every detail. Accessories are an important part of your attire, but you need to watch your proportions. If you have a smaller frame, you may want to pare down your accessories. Look for skinny ties that don’t overwhelm your body. Make sure the tie bar you use isn’t too large for the tie.

Why Tailor?

Tailoring your clothes for the right fit ensures that your clothes look good on you. When you look good on the outside, you can feel better and more confident in any situation. Get more information about restyling, resizing or refitting clothes to make you stand out wherever the path takes you when you contact us about short men alterations and the best tailoring tips for your style.

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