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Look Thinner With These 5 Tailoring Tips

Look Thinner with Tailoring Tips

Look Thinner With These 5 Tailoring Tips

There might be a shirt, skirt or jacket that’s one of your favorite articles of clothing, but it might not fit if you don’t weigh the same as you did when you first bought it. While you might like to go out and by some new clothes for your new shape, you might not have the money to do that right now. At Stitch It, we recommend alterations as a viable solution. Here are five tailoring tips you can put to good use to look thinner and better than you know.

1. Say No to Large Patterns

Rather than going big, you and your wardrobe are much better off keeping things simple when it comes to the overall pattern of your clothes. Choosing large patterns can make you look equally large, which is probably a look you want to avoid. If your simple pattern includes stripes, you’ll look both taller and thinner with vertical stripes rather than horizontal stripes. As you’re picking out your outfit for the day, decide if you want to make your legs or your upper body look longer or thinner with vertically striped pants, a jacket or a shirt.

2. Opt for the Right Fit

When tailoring your clothes, focus on finding the sweet spot between the garment being too loose and too tight; you want a fit that’s just right. Wearing clothes that are too baggy in an attempt to hide your weight only serves to make you look bigger than you actually are. On the other hand, clothes that are a bit too tight can draw attention to areas of your body you might otherwise like to conceal. An expert tailor will know best how snug or loose your clothes should be so that you look as great as you feel.

3. Fool the Eye

You can also look thinner with certain patterns, such as a v-neck sweater that gives the illusion that your torso is longer and smaller than it actually is. The overall fit of your concealing wear also impacts its ability to make you look smaller. For instance, your sweaters and t-shirts should hit you right at the waist or hips and fit your form just right. Lighter fabrics are also a good idea.

4. Dark Colors Are Your Friend

Modestly patterned, well-fitted v-necks and t-shirts should also be of dark colors to truly bring your look full circle. Wearing black can make the pounds melt away without you setting foot inside a gym. Know that you can expand the dark color spectrum outside of black, choosing navy blue pants or a shirt instead.

5. Only Wear One- to Two-Button Jackets

If you choose to wear a jacket for the day, go with one that only has one or two buttons. This trick works because the limited number of buttons shows off more of the shirt underneath, making it look as if your upper body is longer and thinner.

For even more helpful tailoring tips, or if you’d like to have some of your favorite clothing items professionally tailored, help is just a contact form away. Reach out to Stitch It today for more expert suggestions.

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