Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Spanx

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Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Spanx

Clothes shopping can be hit or miss, and when you experience more misses than hits, you may surrender to the idea that you’ll never find clothes that fit. Maybe you blame your curves, the baby weight, or your age. You don’t have to ride this self-loathing train of thought, however. You have other options that not only will lead to confidence in your own skin but also in the dressing room. One of the best ways is to start wearing Spanx.

Its purpose is to smooth and support trouble areas so you can slip effortlessly into your attire and not have to worry about pulling, tucking, or rearranging. Just get dressed and leave your insecurities behind. This may all sound great, but perhaps you have no idea where to start. Here at Stitch It, we want you to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, so we’ve put together a beginner’s guide for you.

Tips for Choosing the Best Shapewear

Just like with any fashion choice, the wide selection can make it difficult to decide which style to get. Sara Blakely, the creator of the popular brand Spanx, offers some advice. First, choose what silhouette you want. This refers to the cut, such as mid-thigh shorts, bodysuit, or open-bust slip. Which type you need depends on what you’re wearing over it and where you need the support. The three levels of support include:

  • Smooth: The most minimal, this type feels like a second skin.
  • Shape: Items in this category firm and slim specific areas.
  • Sculpt: Through maximum compression, sculpt totally transforms your figure.


No matter which you need, all products are seamless and lightweight for comfort and convenience. For the most accurate fit, determine sizing by measuring your bust, waist, and hips.

How To Use Shapewear

Spanx doubles as underwear, so no need to wear both. Some styles allow you to use your favorite bra instead, or you can try the brand’s own panties and bras. Nude colors work well for lighter shades, and black is best for dark colors. The undergarments alone aren’t meant to serve as outerwear, though the company does offer everyday leggings and activewear.

Slips go with sheath dresses, and shaper shorts are meant for pencil skirts. If you only need tummy support, skip the lengthy Spanx and opt for high-waisted panties. You can even use shapewear for simple layering or modesty.

Although most materials are breathable, you can still get sweaty in them, but don’t worry about it showing through—only you will know. The care instructions say to hand-wash and lay flat to dry. Avoid shrinkage by never putting your shapewear in the dryer.

How Stitch It Helps

Remember when we said you had more than one option in how to address shopping woes? The other solution is having your clothes tailored. Rarely does clothing fit perfectly off the rack, even for the “ideal” body type. You don’t need to change your body to fit into the fashions you want to wear; your clothes need to change to fit your unique shape—and with a needle and thread, they can. Make an appointment for same-day service and browse through our Spanx selection while you wait.

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