Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning

While washers have become more advanced and energy efficient than ever, there are still some clothing items and tasks that are best left to dry cleaning professionals. Take a close and careful look at your clothes to see which are safe for your washer and which should be cared for by a professional dry cleaning service. At Stitch It, we’d like to share several reasons you should look into professional dry cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

While water is great for blasting through any number of stains, it’s not ideal for everything, information that’s sure to make you ask, “Where is the most reputable dry cleaning laundry services near me?” Grease and oil are two substances that are best removed with the chemicals used in dry cleaning. You also have to worry about accidentally shrinking, fading and otherwise ruining your clothes by tossing them in the washer. If you want your clothes to look like new no matter how often you wear them, consider taking them to the cleaners rather than the laundromat.

Leave the Job to Someone Else

Even if you have your own washer and dryer, doing laundry can take more time than you might have if you live a busy life. Rather than fretting over choosing the right cycle, separating your clothes and remembering to put in fabric softener and the like, leave that to the pros. Simply drop off your clothes and let them tend to the finer details while you tend to other obligations in your life, which is sure to lower your overall stress levels.

Retain the Appearance of Your Clothes

After a few washes, it becomes obvious that you’ve had a pair of jeans, shirt, dress or jacket for a while. By opting for professional dry cleaning, you get professional finishing as well. That finishing lends your clothes a “like new” appearance time and time again. Besides washing and drying clothes, you might also have to iron a few items, another task that can be quite time-consuming, no matter how great of a job you do ironing on your own.

Do the Job Right the First Time

While information has never been so readily available and easily accessible as it has been in years past, that easy access can end in more than a few false leads. For instance, some clothes cleaning and stain removal tips you’ve read about online might not work, or they might make your situation worse. Rather than risk making a stain worse or ruining your new favorite shirt, take it to a dry cleaner. There, you’ll have access to tested cleaning and stain removal methods and the people who know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t waste time, money or frustration on tips that ultimately tank.

Additional Storage

Depending on your current living situation, you might not have the storage you need for all your clothes, nor might you have the finances right now to build more closet space. Thankfully, some dry cleaners offer clothes storage for people in your predicament. This means that you don’t have to worry about your heavy winter clothing cluttering up your closet during the summer, and you don’t have to dig through your linen pants and short-sleeved shirts whilst looking for a scarf or sweater to keep you warm.

Take Care of Bothersome Odours

If you can’t seem to get a bad smell out of your clothes no matter how many times you run them through the washer or spritz them down, or if your home recently suffered smoke damage, turn the job over to the dry cleaners. You could always rent an ozone machine to take care of the odour, but that’s more than likely to be a waste of money, money you’re better off spending to ensure the job is done right and done in a thorough manner the first time.

Restore Old Items of Clothing

Rather than wearing some old clothes, maybe you’d like to restore them for preservation purposes so they can remain in your family for generations to come. Some dry cleaners will be able to help you out with this, allowing brides to wear a family wedding gown as is, or add a few touches to make it their own.

Stitch Is is here to take care of all your dry cleaning needs. Contact us if you have more questions, or if there are any items of clothing you have that need to be dry cleaned.

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  1. It's interesting that you point out that lots of clothing gets worn out after a few washes, so dry cleaning gives you a professional finish and makes your clothes look new. I just bought a really nice dress for my best friend's wedding, and I want it to stay nice even after I wear it multiple times. It would probably be best if I took it to a dry cleaners and had them take care of it.
    • Monica thank you for your comment! I would suggest you visit one of our stores with the dress and we can advise what would be best. If you go to our store locator you will be able to find a location with dry cleaning services.
  2. My husband has a few suits that he wears often and I am thinking of getting them dry cleaned, so I am glad that I found this article. You make a great point that it will help to retain the appearance of your clothes and help them to last longer! Also, I think the fact that they provide deep cleaning is great because this will help to get out any stains that my husband has from food or drink.
  3. There really are a ton of benefits to trusting your laundry with a professional dry cleaning service. I particularly like that the article brings up the benefits of getting the job done right the first time. After all, a professional dry cleaner knows what they're doing and can make sure that your clothes get cleaned the right way the first time.
  4. Glad for your wonderful blog! As I bought some few new dresses recently, and a few of them are made of fancy fabrics. So I’m not sure how to wash without damaging the fabric. So by reading this blog, I would definitely seek dry cleaner help for washing my clothes. Thanks for the great post.
  5. Even I prefer dry cleaning by uniform laundry service because of its consistency and durability to look cleaner and shiner for long period. The another advantages that dry cleaning hold is that it can restores the quality of fabric. The costing could be high but it is totally worth it.

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