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8 Ways to Choose Your Prom Dress

8 Ways to Choose Your Prom Dress

8 Ways to Choose Your Prom Dress

Prom’s a night where you can dress like a princess and show off your glamorous side. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for finding a prom dress that best flatters your face, figure and style. Here are eight ways to choose your prom dress and be ready for that final decision.

Think About Dress Types

It is never too early to look at dresses for prom. In fact, you should be ready to make your purchase four or six weeks in advance. When thinking about the dress you want, pay attention to color, style and fabric. Fashion magazines and the internet are a great place to start looking.

Consider the Shape of Your Face and Body

The shape of your face and body affects how a dress will look on you. For example, a round face is flattered by V-neck and sweetheart necklines. This can make your face look more oval and slim. Similarly, the right draping can create the ideal hourglass figure.

What Will the Color Say About You?

Prom dresses are in every color of the rainbow and each color can create a different style, regardless of the shape and fabric of your dress. For example, a bright color can be playful where black or charcoal seem more sophisticated.

How to Shop for the Right Dress

With a clear idea of what you want, you’re ready to hit the stores. Even if you want to order your prom dress, you should go to a few physical locations to make sure the style you want looks good on you. This is also a good time to experiment if you have more than one style in mind.

Making Your Own Prom Dress

Choosing the color and style of your dress can help you buy the best one, or you can use that information to have one made for you. Finding a prom dress can be difficult, but a custom one is more likely to suit you in every way possible. This method gives you control over the style, color and fabric.

Adding Shoes and Accessories

With the dress chosen, there’s still more to do. You need shoes, jewelry, a handbag and makeup. For shoes, you can get ones that match perfectly or try for a different color than your dress. Choose your jewelry, handbag and makeup to coordinate from there.

Choosing a Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is another aspect of getting ready for prom that is important. One thing to consider is how long you want to wear your hair verses the kind of neckline you have. If your dress has a lot of detail on the shoulders or neck, then you may want to wear your hair up to avoid covering these embellishments.

Getting Ready the Night of Prom

Plan so you aren’t late to your own prom. Are you doing an elaborate hairstyle? Practice it a few times so you know how long it takes. The same goes for your makeup. This time will be well spent when you don’t keep your friends or date waiting at the door.

The best method for finding a prom dress is to look at your options, consider your face and body type, then choose accessories to match. If you need to know your size in advance, we offer measuring services at all our locations.


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