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New Life in Old Favorites: Garments to Tailor

Finding the best garments to tailor

New Life in Old Favorites: Garments to Tailor

Whether you are on a budget or just being socially conscious, taking something you already love and turning it into something new is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. If you have trouble throwing things out but also need something new to wear this season, take a critical eye over things you aren’t wearing anymore to see if they can be transformed. There are four simple questions you should ask yourself to identify the best garments to tailor.

  1. Is it well made?

Before giving an old garment a transformation, make sure the fabric is of high enough quality to weather seams being pulled out and new stitches put in. For minor changes, you can choose something of slightly less quality. However, if this is a garment you are spending a lot of time and money to reinvent, you do want to make sure it’s worth the investment.

  1. Does it speak to my personal style?

Like many shoppers, your closet may be full of things that seemed like a good idea at the time, but they’re not really “you.” It can be risky to choose something you only like a little bit in the hopes of liking it much better once it’s changed, so take the time to think it through. The best garments to tailor are the ones that already speak to you in some special or personal way. If you’re drawing a blank when answering this question, it just means you need to spend a little more time defining your personal style.

  1. Is it just a trend?

A trendy blazer one year can look instantly dated a year later if there’s nothing else to set it apart. If you are looking at a trendy piece and wondering whether to revive it, think about whether the trend might come back or if there is just too much alteration that needs to be done. If you’ve already decided the fabric is well made enough and personally speaks to you, that may be enough to seek alterations that breath new life into this garment.

  1. If so, can I turn this trend into a classic?

Noticing that a favored garment may just be a trend is a big step, but it isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes the best garments to tailor are the ones you can turn from trend to classic with just a few alterations. Identify what makes the garment trendy; is it the color? The fit? The pattern? Some of these, like fit, are easy to change. If the trend is bold patterns, you may have difficulty transforming this piece.

Taking the chance on an old favorite and turning it into something new can be risky, but a lot of times it really pays off and you have something unique that no one else can copy. If you find an old piece that’s well made, speaks to your style and isn’t dependent on a trend, then you should be ready to start. Once you’ve identified the best garments to tailor, consider our restyling services to breath new life into that old favorite.


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