10 Tips for Finding the Best Tailor

10 Tips for Finding the Best Tailor

10 Tips for Finding the Best Tailor

Working with a tailor is an interesting and rewarding experience. Because off-the-rack clothing rarely fits your body exactly right in every area, it is gratifying to have someone who is prepared to make garments perfect for you. How do you go about finding the best tailor if you’ve never worked with one before or you are new to a city? Here are some tips that can help.

  1. Ask Other Women

Friends and family are the easiest resource for input on a good tailor, but don’t be afraid to go beyond that. If you see a woman with fantastic clothes that clearly are custom fitted, ask her whom she recommends. Actually, you could ask men, too!

  1. Check Reviews

The internet has brought us the ability to leave reviews and check comments on all sorts of service professionals, tailors included. If you live in a large city, you’ll probably have plenty to choose from. In a small town, there may be only one or two options. There are even some online services available to point you in the right direction.

  1. Skip the Department Store Staff

Some clothing stores offer alteration services. They are not often your best bet because they are rushed and don’t offer personal service. Take the time to find someone who will work with you one on one, even if it means a little extra work on your part.

  1. Also Avoid Dry Cleaners

Like No. 3, the tailors on staff at some dry cleaning outlets are not dedicated to making garments perfect for you. They may be working on your clothing in between running the shirt-pressing machines. You want a dedicated professional tailor.

  1. Men’s Tailors Are the Bomb

Tailors who work primarily with men are some of the most talented pros out there. If they also work with women, you probably won’t find a more capable option.

  1. Ask Shop Owners and Clerks

The staff at high-end clothing boutiques have clients who expect the best service, so they will have good recommendations for the tailors they work with. Just pop your head in and inquire about their favorites.

  1. Interview Candidates

When you are talking with potential tailors, make sure you are having a conversation with them, not just telling them what you are looking for. The best ones will have some feedback for you about feasibility, scheduling and costs. Those who insist they can handle any project likely are not a good choice.

  1. Ask for a Sample

Ask any tailor candidates to see a customized piece they’ve worked on before. Check the quality closely.

  1. Do a Trial Run

When you think you may have found the tailor for you, bring in a simple project first, such as a hem adjustment. That way, if it doesn’t work out, the stakes are low.

  1. Recognize the Limit

You may have some pieces that aren’t worthy of alteration. Be sure to choose a tailor who will be honest with you when that is the case rather than just taking your money.

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  1. I have recently been thinking about getting one my suits tailored but wanted to look at some tips. Looking at the reviews was a very helpful tip and see what peoples comments are. I will have to check those out the next time that I find a place that does alterations.

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